Viewing your images as you move them

This isn’t so much of a hint as it is a trick.  No, it’s not a trick, it’s just a badly named preference.

When moving your images around in an Illustrator document, you’re probably used to looking at the frame that represents them as you move them – kind of like what your OS used to show as you moved windows around, you know, 10 years ago.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  We’re past the oughts and into the teens now. Computers are plenty capable of keeping up with you as you move your confused balloon people around.

In CS4 – From the file menu, open up your document setup and check the box next to “show images in outline mode”  Oh, this will also have the added bonus of showing a B&W preview of your images when you’re working in preview (keyline) mode (which is what the preference is actually offering to do).

Now – When you move your images around, you will see a preview.

Note that this will not be persistent – every new document will have the default behavior which is to only show the outline.
I’ll cover changing the default new document pages another day.