The appearance panel (part 2)

In the previous post, we covered what the basic function of the appearance panel is and went over how to add an additional fill to some text and add some effects that only apply to that added fill.

I mentioned that attributes could be added to 4 places – Here we’ll cover…

Adding a stroke, fill or effect to an entire layer

I was reminded to do this post when writing the earlier post about non-printing layers because one of the things I do when I create my non-printing template layers is to add a stroke to the layer, so that anything that gets put on the layer will get an extra stroke applied.  This keeps me from accidentally dropping art onto my template layer and then wondering why it isn’t printing. To apply the “caution” stroke to the layer, click on the circle to the right of the layer name to select the layer’s attributes. Now open up your appearance panel and, from the flyout menu, choose “add stroke” This will add a stroke to everything on that layer.