Show/Hide Bounding Box

The bounding box is the part of the move tool (V, the black arrow) that allows you to resize your entire object as opposed to one point at a time.  It can get turned off by mistake sometimes leaving you wondering why you can’t resize objects.

It’s a simple toggle – Command-Shift-B (control-shift-b on windows) or from the View menu choose “Show Bounding Box” about 2/3 of the way down the menu.

Posted in General, Tips by Jesse at July 11th, 2010.
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5 Responses to “Show/Hide Bounding Box”

  1. charbel zgheib says:

    I clicked “show bounding box” my black selection tool still doesnt transform, I am however able to press “E” and transform using that tool. It used to work but I don’t know what happened.

  2. Jesse says:

    Well that’s odd. You might have corrupt preferences. Have you tried deleting them?

  3. drew says:

    thank you! i was poking around in preferences for the last 5 minutes

  4. Mohamed says:

    Thank you. You helped? :)

  5. munkyG says:

    Thank you. That help me alot!

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