$$$/_MBAR/Mnu showing in Menu Bar

A strange problem with a relatively easy fix.  Mac only, as far as I know.

If you ever open up Illustrator and instead of File, Edit, Object, etc… menus, you see something like “$$$/_MBAR/Mnu/VisibleMenuBar/” for each of the menus, it’s because unless you have the ME (Middle Eastern) version of Illustrator, there are a few languages Illustrator just can’t handle.  Hebrew and Arabic.  They can’t even be on the list.

It looks something like this:

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Show/Hide Edges

Sometimes you have reason to hide the points of your object.  Maybe you’re making changes to your stroke width, maybe you’re adding a subtle effect, maybe you just find the selection color to be distracting.

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Show/Hide Bounding Box

The bounding box is the part of the move tool (V, the black arrow) that allows you to resize your entire object as opposed to one point at a time.  It can get turned off by mistake sometimes leaving you wondering why you can’t resize objects.

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Fill in the counters on live text

Here’s another post drawing on the strength of the Appearance Panel (previously explained here, here and here)  This one to help you automagically fill in or close the counters on live text.

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Embroidered Text Effect

For this to make sense, you might want to refer back to the previous posts on the Appearance Panel.

Once you’ve read over those 3 posts, download this file and have at it.  You might like to adjust the stroke some to make the “holes” a bit more realistic.

This is live editable text, made awesome, by the appearance panel.

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