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The appearance panel.

The appearance panel, or as it used to be known, the appearance palette. This is where it all goes down.  The key to making versatile, live art that will allow you to shrug off your boss changing the name of the project from “Penguin Playset” to ” Arctic Adventure”  This will allow you to create art that can rival the raster effects you get in Photoshop and at times do it better and more extensibly (Did I just make that word up?  Nope!)  So, instead of setting your text, copy/pasting it behind, adding your stroke, copying to the front, adding a glow, etc… and making a stack of objects to get one result, you can do this all from within one object.  Multiple strokes, multiple fills, effects applied specifically to a single fill or stroke. Gradients on a stroke. Live text with a gradient. Yeap.

That’s live text. Grab the live .ai file. Use your own fonts if you don’t have these.

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